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First Web2.0 Tool

I will admit that at the moment I am addicted to the internet and all the new resources I have found in the last four months. I spend every evening possible online reading blogs, Twitters, listening to EdTalk, checking out NINGS etc. A general piece of advice I’m hearing on Twitter and Blogs for newbies is that we should pick one web2.0 tool and get good at it instead of trying everything and getting overwhelmed. That sounds like good advice. After all this reading I’ve decided to start with VoiceThreads. I’ve selected this tool for several reasons. First of all, I’ve played around with it and it’s easy to use. Only having my class for a total of 40 minutes-easy is important.  Another reason for selecting this tool is that I can see applications in every subject area and every grade K-5.  When I combine these two reasons I think it will be a tool I can get some classroom teachers to adapt. Being free and not blocked by our server are two more good reasons for trying out Voicethreads.

 I’m beginning with the 5th grades in a few weeks. They are doing state reports in their classroom. I plan on setting up a page for each state studied. Then I’ll have all the students that learned about a particular state comment on what they’ve learned on that page. Next I’ll invite others to listen to what we have to say then if possible find their state and share some new information. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share. I hope by starting with fifth grade they’ll catch on to the whole process easily. Then when I do it with the younger students I can have a few of the older kids come and supervise the recording with the younger kids. Both age levels would benefit from the experience.  Please feel free to share which Web2.0 tool I should try out next.


3 Responses

  1. Please let me know when you are ready for comments to your 5th graders. I am just finishing up a project with my 5th graders on internet safety! They have done a great job and are ready to branch out.


  2. Cheryl,
    I’ll let you know when we’re ready for comments. Thanks.

  3. You sound like me. I am overwhelmed with all that is going on! I, too, only have my students for a short period each week. I think that is a great idea to just start with one thing. I also love your focus on using technology to make a difference. This is something I have been thinking about and working on as well. I started a wiki w/my 5th graders http://www.oneclickmitzvah.wikispaces.org
    as a place to brainstorm ideas for ways we can use technology to make a difference in the world. It has kind of fizzled for the moment, maybe one of your classes would want to join us?
    Another great site is http://www.dosomething.org a site for young people who want to do good things.. they will help you fund a project and have an interesting game called karma tycoon.

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