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Google Earth

Ok, so the first web2.0 tool I’m going to have the students use is Voicethreads. The first web2.0 tool that I used for my students was Google Earth. Our second graders are learning about biographies and I know as first graders they celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday last March ,so they have some background knowledge about him. So, I put together a biography of Dr. Seuss on Google Earth. The students watched the show and took notes on a graphic organizer. (Note: Next year watch the show first, then go back and watch it a second time and take notes.) Now, we’re going over our notes together, discussing good introductory sentences and beginning to write a biography about Dr. Seuss as a partner activity. For right now we’re just typing in Word. The next step will be for each child to do an illustration in Kidspiration2 or Paint. Then finally, we’ll “publish” our story in Mixbook by copying and pasting our text and inserting our illustrations and photographs from the web. Hopefully, we’ll have this done in March and we can invite the first graders in to hear our stories. Only seeing the students once every 6 days for 40 minutes means it takes a long time to complete a project! Any suggestions on other tools I should use or any other suggestions are always welcome!

To view the Google Earth presentation click on View Larger Map and then click on View in Google Earth or it can be viewed from Google Maps as well.

View Larger Map


2 Responses

  1. This sounds like a great project! Thanks for sharing the Google Earth file…I am going to see if I can use that with a few classes on Read Across America Day. Love to know how the final product turns out, so keep us posted!

  2. I hope you’ll find the Google Earth project helpful. It took so much longer to complete that I ever expected! That’s why I wanted to get it out here for others to use. I’ll keep you posted on rest of the project and hopefully I’ll be able to post their final books. My first attempts at getting them to write were a disaster but after teaching the lesson 6 days in a row I finally had a good lesson worked out by the 6th day. Then I went back and started over with the other groups! But it’s worth it.

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