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NECC Advice

flickr photo from Tim Wilson’s photostream

I am so excited that I will be attending NECC this year. This is my first time ever attending a national conference or even a conference more than 90 miles from my house. As a newbie I am looking for advice. I’ve heard people mention that they are giving/attending a poster session, what is a poster session? What sesssions should I attend as an elementary computer teacher? I’m going by myself and won’t know anyone there, what’s a good way to meet people at these conferences? What other advice do you have to make sure this is a great experience?


6 Responses

  1. If you can go early, go to EdubloggerCon on Saturday and make some friends. Another thing to do is use tweetscan to create an RSS feed on the search term “NECC”. Tweets will come to your reader and then you can start following people who tweet about going. In a couple of months you will be so in the loop you will be swatting dinner invites away like flies on the Riverwalk. Just kidding, the Riverwalk is really nice 😉

    EdubloggerCon – http://www.edubloggercon.com/NECC+2008
    Tweetscan – http://tweetscan.com/

  2. Sylvia,
    Unfortunately I didn’t hear about the edubloggercon until after I had my plane reservations, I arrive Sat. afternoon. I am debating about changing my flight and hotel. I’ve already done the tweetscan and that is helpful.

    Thanks for the advice and the retweet.

  3. Hi Nedra,
    An exciting opportunity for you – I’m sure you will enjoy meeting like minds in the flesh! Last year I was very lucky to be able to attend the 4th World Environmental Education Conference in Durban, South Africa – sponsored by the Australian Education Union. It was an amazing experience (especially the two week holiday in Kenya and tanzania I tacked on to the end.)
    A poster session is essentially a static presentation of a topic, rather than a live presentation. At the WEEC they had many poster presentations about education for sustainability work that had been done in the classroom.
    You might need a good look at the program in advance to choose which plenary sessions and workshops you would like to attend.
    Have a great time!

  4. The poster sessions at NECC in the past have been in a communal area, rather than in a presentation room. It reminds me of a “science fair” where you stand by your “poster” and people drop by to chat.

    I will be traveling solo to NECC as well and hope to twit my whereabouts. I’m sorry you won’t be able to make the Edubloggercon, but there are other events that NECC hosts that are social.

    NECC is a great conference – I’m sure you will have a fantastic time!

  5. Brittgow and Bethany,
    Thank you both for explaining a poster session. I’ve started looking at the online program and using their handy online program planning guide. Luckily it lets you add 3 things to one time slot! I’ll have to make the final decisions when I get there but at least this lets me narrow the field for now.
    Brittgow, the trip to South Africa must have been amazing!
    Bethany, who knows, maybe we’ll meet each other at NECC.

  6. NECC advice from Twitter:

    Chris Lehmann chrislehmann @hockeymom1788 Go to as many unsponsored workshops as possible. 11:27 PM March 21, 2008 from twitterrific in reply to hockeymom1788

    Good advice. Thanks!

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