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Just a Few Thoughts

I’m on Spring Break and have been for two days already. I know this is the time I need to get a new post done. I’ve spent the first two days cleaning and reading twitter, cleaning and listening to EdTechTalk podcast, reading Twitter, following links, bookmarking sites and then oh yeah, doing other domestic tasks. Now I’ll finally take a few moments and write. I can’t decide what to focus on for my post so I’ll just touch briefly on several different topics.

Highlight of the Week

I’m working on a grant with two classroom teachers. Since we have trouble fining time to meet I put the questions we have to answer on a wiki. We were supposed to meet last week but I ended up with a meeting. But they went ahead and met and wrote up what they discussed and placed it on the wiki. This may not seem like much to anyone that reads this but for our school this was a big step forward! I’m proud of them for trying it out.


Two weekends ago I spent the weekend filling in report card grades for about 750 students. After I finished each class I rewarded myself with a few minutes on Twitter. Each time I stopped by someone was talking about Diigo. I had signed up earlier in the week but now I was missing some gatherings to learn more. I did well, I kept the report cards as my priority knowing the conversations would be saved and I could go back and view them later. Well, I haven’t done that but maybe someday… Since I’m a newbie I wasn’t in love with delicious. I liked it and joined awhile back after my laptop crashed and I lost all my bookmarks. Then at NYSCATE I learned that it was more than a place to store my bookmarks and started to use it once in awhile to search on specific topics and even joined a few other people’s bookmarks. So, it was easy for me to jump ship and join diigo. I liked the highlighting and sticky note feature. I also liked the groups and discussions although I admit I haven’t really checked that out, my Google Reader is over 600, I admit I’m having trouble keeping up with everything! The best part of diigo for me is that it’s not blocked at school but delicious is. So, when I get to a point that I’m ready to start teaching teachers about social bookmarking at least I’ll be able to show them a site.


I believe it was the same weekend (sometimes things seem to blur together) that there was also a buzz about the WordPress2.5 upgrade. I went to the site and read the 3 easy steps to upgrade. I downloaded it to my computer and then decided, well, it may be easy to someone but it didn’t look easy to a non techie type. So, I put it off. I’ve looked again a couple more times including tonight but still put it off. So imagine my surprise when I finally decided to blog tonight and there is the new version ready to go!


I’ve read several posts out there this week about commenting. I’ve read it before and I’m glad for the reminders. It’s something I don’t do enough.


I like the planning page on the NECC site. I have put in some workshops for the first two days. I will be sure to leave time for some unconference events. After reading a tweet from Miguel Guhlin I went back to NECC and signed up to volunteer. I tend to be very quiet when meeting new people. I am going to push myself to be a little more outgoing and try to meet some of the folks from Twitter. I also signed the wiki for Twitter NECC attendees.

Online Classes

I love my job as tech teacher and I’m learning so much from my new PLN but I want to learn more. I would love to investigate taking some online courses towards some type of educational technology degree. I’ve tried a Google search without much success. Anyone out there have any suggestions? I would love to hear them.


Another thought crossing my mind is starting a Ning for elementary tech teachers, the ones that teach in a computer lab. I know there are some great Nings already out there but I haven’t found one just for elementary tech teachers. I found this wiki, by Amber Coggin, recently that is a starting place for sharing lessons. But I think I’d like more. a Ning would be a good place to blog about how specific lessons are going and share advice on the day to day management skills of running a lab. What do you think? If you know any elementary tech teachers ask them to stop by let me know what they think about the idea.

Well, that’s it for now. Comments always welcome.


4 Responses

  1. I love your idea of starting a Ning targeted towards elementary technology teachers! Be sure to blog or twitter if you decide to get this going. Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

  2. Pam, thanks for the reply. I’ll be sure to to let you know when I make my decision. I’m really leaning towards doing one but it may be another summer project.

  3. I would join the ning if you start it. I am feeling so pulled in so many different directions all the time around the web. It would be great to have a one-stop place for info/lesson sharing. Is that possible? well, I would join for sure.
    gotta go scooter around the block w/my kids. Hope you are enjoying your time off. Your pics look beautiful!

  4. Andrea,
    Ok, I started working on one last night. As soon as I get it up and running I’ll let you know. I hope it will be a useful resource for those of us that teach in the lab. Now I’ll put a call out for what type of resources I should include as I put it together.
    If I read the tweet correctly you begin spring break tomorrow-enjoy! My mom(AZ) and sister(NE) are here for the week so I think it’s been the most relaxing week off I’ve ever had at home. And the weather has been perfect so I couldn’t ask for more. I enjoy taking pictures of flowers and birds. I’m trying to take lots of flower photos this year as they emerge. Then I’m hoping to do some type of sequencing /labeling activity with them in the lab.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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