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Day 9 of the 31 Day Comment Challenge

Due to the busy week and not being home much in the evenings, four lacrosse games this week, I’m a little behind and mixed up in the daily jobs for the Comment Challenge and guess what? That’s ok! This is something I’m doing for me and if I don’t get to every task or fulfill it exactly right that’s alright as long as I’m trying to improve and taking the time to reflect. So here goes…

Day 4 Ask a Question in a Blog Comment

One of the tasks I’m working on with this challenge is to visit the blogs of people that leave comments on my blog or people that have joined my Ning. That’s not something I have done consistently. So, on one of these visits I went to Nexus and left a question regarding Google Reader. Not a great open ended question, but at least it was a question and a move in the right direction. And Diane did leave a response that was helpful.

Day 5 Comment on a Blog Post You Don’t Agree With

Even though I actually did this activity a day or two ahead of time it was not easy to do. I tend to be very quiet and just go with the flow. If I don’t agree with something I may complain to my friends but I avoid any confrontations. When I did my comment I wrote it in the comment section. I felt I was ranting and it left me feeling very uncomfortable. The response from the blogger was very kind and the person did not feel it was a rant at all. After reading the response I felt better.

Day 6 Engage a Commenter in a Discussion/Day 8 Comment on a Blog Outside of Your Niche

Ok, I cheated a little bit here. I did find a blog through Technoroti and it was a topic I never read about in a blog before. However, it included two other passions-photography and gardening. I’ve decided I need to find something to learn more about that doesn’t directly involve school . I’ve been spending way too many hours learning on line these last 6 months. I love it but it is becoming too consuming. So, I’ve decided I want to become a better photographer. I can still use the computer to learn but it won’t just be school related learning. So far I’ve only been to one blog. It was a very simple blog. It was a photograph accompanied with a short description. From my brief visit I don’t think the blog will help me become a better photographer, but I did enjoy some photos. The comments were mainly one line comments. I can do that! I did leave a comment for another commenter. Like I said, I cheated! I will try to make up for these two steps this weekend by finding more substantial blogs and leaving a more reflective comment.

Day 7 Comment on what you’ve learned so far-include 3 lessons learned

Lesson 1-I think I will learn even more if I engage in the practice of asking more questions on blogs. I need to work on making them more open ended and thoughtful.

Lesson 2-Although disagreeing with a post made me very uncomfortable I survived and was not perceived as being negative or wrong. Since I survived perhaps I’ll try again. The downside is that this type of comment takes longer to write because I want to make sure I have it worded correctly.

Lesson3-I am thankful I was prodded to look for other blogs outside of education. The blog I read was not really helpful but I will be back looking for some sites on photography or gardening that I will be able to learn from. Reading about other topics I’m not particularly interesed in might be a good idea but time seems to be a short commodity these days so I’m sticking with topics of interest for right now, at least I got away from education!


5 Responses

  1. One thing I found with the Ning sites is that CoComment does not catch the comments. I guess that is because Ning is not considered a blogging platform or something.
    Your point on making comments more open-ended is interesting and goes to the heart of why we should comment on someone else’s blog — it is to enrich the conversation and become part of a dialogue, right?
    I also liked moving outside of education blogs for a time (I went local and found some blogs from folks who live in my city). It reminds me not to have a closed circle around myself on the Net.
    Take care

  2. Kevin, yes, I think the open ended questions will enrich the conversation. I did do a better job with a question this morning on a new gardening blog I found. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

    I like your idea of finding local blogs as well. I have been totally wrapped in this education world for the past 6 months, it does feel good to get out there and explore something different. And after reading a gardening blog I’m ready to close the lid on the laptop and get outside and work in my gardens! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi, Nedra. I’d never heard of the comment challenge until you dropped by my site to fulfill one of your challenges. I’m glad you said hi, and I wish you the best with your photography and gardening endeavors. Both have been very rewarding for me as hobbies.

  4. Thank you Pam for stopping by. I’ll be back to Digging again to enjoy more of your beautiful photos. I’ll actually be making my first trip to Texas this June. I’m sure the gardens out there will be much different than the gardens here in central NY!

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    Your article is very resourceful and beneficial. And the work done is appreciable. Thumps up for it!!!!!!

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