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Ning for Elementary Tech Teachers

Well, I’ve had 3 people tell me they’d join my Ning for elementary tech teachers if I set one up. So, I decided that was enough motivation to get me started. I was going to put it on my growing summer to do list but changed my mind and started it now. It was very simple since I chose to keep it that way. For now there’s no fancy background or logo just a basic background. Now I just need to put the ideas that have been floating around in my mind on what I what to accomplish with this Ning down in writing and get started.

Why a NING?

As a first year tech (computer lab) teacher, but over 20 years teaching experience, I feel alone. I do ask the classroom teachers what they’re doing in class and try to do projects that go along with their classroom learning, but it’s not the same as sitting down with a grade level team and planning out the weeks together. I see a Ning for elementary tech teachers as a place where I can at least go to ask advice and share ideas and sometimes vent frustrations. I’m hoping it will also become a place where we can share lesson plans. I’m not sure a Ning is the best venue for this but at least it’s a start and something we can discuss.

What to Include on the Ning?

Photos of how are labs are set up.

What web2.0 tools are we using and how are we using them.

How is Internet Safety being addressed. What can/should we be doing at the elementary level?

Post an example of a completed project with grade level and basic directions.

Discuss how to get teachers using technology in the classrooms.

Share links that we use in the lab.

Blog-I’m looking forward to using the Ning blog as a personal blog where I can write weekly about what’s happening in class and what I might change next time around.

Discussion about keyboarding-when do you start? How much emphasis do you place on it?

Who Should Join the NING?

Elementary technology teachers that are looking for new ideas and are willing to share and learn.

Taking a quick look at my Twitter Poll answers to the question; Does your elementary school have a tech (computer lab) teacher?, the Ning might also be helpful to those of you that are on your own teaching computer skills. (I’m quickly seeing that our district is very fortunate to have a tech teacher.)

Anyone else is also welcome to join. Come and give your 2cents on how these and other topics should be addressed in class.

What Else?

I’m sure I’ve left out many things that could be included here. But that’s ok. That’s one of the things I like about the Ning. It’s easy for others to start a discussion or a group.

If you’re someone that can benefit from the Elementary Tech Teachers Ning I hope to see you there!